From The Remarkable SART Report

David Sable
Apr 2, 2023

Some remarkable statistics from the just released 2021 preliminary SART #IVF outcomes statistics.

I’ve (clumsily) screen-shot a mashup of IVF birth statistics for first transfer for women using their own eggs.

The top line is all comers.
The next line is using elective single embryo transfer (eSET) without PGT.
The next is PGT but no eSET.
At the bottom: cycles filtered for doing SET, and using PGT-A.

Much work to do in this analysis, but immediately obvious: women > 38 have a much lower probability of getting to embryo transfer when using PGT-A; if they do, and the other embryo selection criteria still suggest elective SET, then the pregnancy rates are equivalent to those of younger patients.

Kudos to SART for a remarkable presentation of data.



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