Pre-ASRM prep notes, part 2.

Back in 2015 I wrote a piece for Forbes that made a bunch of predictions about where IVF was heading. Time to re-examine. (The original article is online: [])

Prediction 1.

On the trail of higher implantation rates per embryo transferred and lower costs per cycle.

Regarding AI in IVF, the good news for the IVF world is that the people developing artificial intelligence for IVF are outstanding: visionary, knowledgable about data, science, patient…

I spent some time with the excellent Women’s Health Investment piece by @chrissyfarr et al ( At the risk of mansplaining women’s health, some observations, with an Ob/Gyn/reproductive endocrinologist bias:

The article is spot on that women’s health is only now emerging from healthcare’s analog past — what I leaned…

My Columbia Classroom Is Not A Safe Place

Today is the last day of class for BIOT 4180, Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology. This semester was a bit of a departure from past versions of the course. Instead of the 400+ students I lectured to…

David Sable

bio fund manager, Columbia prof, ex-reproductive endocrinologist, roadie for @PriyaMayadas

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